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grittymittsMay 23, 2005

My DH is a heart transplant recipient w/high cholestrol, also has high potassium from time to time which requires careful monitoring since he has only 1 kidney. He's just been diagnosed with diabetes, and I'm struggling to find things he CAN eat. Most all fruits & veggies are high in potassium.

He's a big guy, 6' 2" & just over 200 lbs., so 1/2 cup of rice, etc. just won't do it for him. Anyone have a "like" condition & help with recipes 'til I can visit a Dietician?


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I eat nuts and cheese - lots and lots and lots of almonds and still I am losing weight. I also put pecans in my steel cut oatmeal which is the only carb meal I allow myself. I eat only about 10 blueberries a day and that is pretty much it for fruit. I can't eat very many vegetables because I am also hypothyroid, though I do snack on carrots and celery. I eat eggs of course and keep boiled ones around for snacks. I eat some beef jerky for a treat. With only one kidney you want to be sure and avoid things like spinach. What I do is to make all my usual recipes for my family - spaghetti, stroganov etc. and serve mine over a can of green beans while the others have the usual noodles, rice, or pasta. It's not bad. Eating out is hard. Mongolian Woks are a great place to eat. I still go out for teriyaki - I just use the rice to blot the sauce. One thing I have learned is that if I know I want to eat some of the rice, I decide how much and then scrape the rest into the garbage before I even start. I don't know if any of this will help your DH. My problem is losing weight, not maintaining.

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oh, and now that there are low cal wraps I am able to have a sandwich again - something I think most husbands would like.

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Rice makes my DH's bloodsugar skyrocket. He never eats it anymore.It does the same thing to some of his diabetic co-workers.
He's 6'4", and except for a bit of middle-aged gut has always been on the lean side.
He's a peanut fiend as far as snacks go, also likes to munch on pepperoni. Something he likes that's very easy to make are what I call pepperoni chips. Arrange pepperoni slices on a couple layers of paper towels on a plate, then zap in the microwave til crispy. Time will vary by wattage and how many slices you zap, usually a minute or less for me for a plateful.
Another thing I've made is "crispy cheese". I saw it done once as a salad topper using Parmesan, but I tried it with shredded cheddar and it worked too. Preheat the oven to 375 and spray a baking sheet lightly with PAM, then sprinkle on shredded cheese and bake @ 10 min, til edges are lighly browned and cheese is crisped. I've also tried this in a nonstick skillet, results differ a bit, but it was pretty tasty too.

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