RECIPE: Ice Cream with Splenda?

jmwbMay 27, 2004

Has anyone made ice cream with Splenda and NO gelatin? I saw on Splenda's web site ice cream with gelatin but no eggs. I'd like to make a premium ice cream with no sugar if possible - on a low carb diet.

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I dont like to use artifical ingreds, could you use maple syrup or honey? Or could you just eat less and still get the wonderful joy of real icecream if its only carbs you are worried about?

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I buy Pierre's Slender ice cream made with Splenda. It's very good and fairly low in carbs.

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I agree with gardeng>.... about using artificials. One day I accidentally made bread pudding without the sugar and was almost half way through my serving before I realized it. Maybe you can adjust your recipe to use minimal sugar or honey or fruit. Fruit, of course, has carbs but contribute good fiber and nutrients your body needs. Splenda isn't bad but I can still taste it.

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