Liquid hand soap

sristonJuly 24, 2004

I have had a few requests for liquid hand soap (mainly my sister) and I am considering giving it a try. Do any of you all make it and where do you buy your base?


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I have a few customers who buy my glycerin soap to make their own scented liquid soap.
They just chop up the glycerin, drop the pieces in a pump bottle (that they already had liquid soap in) add water & let it sit till the soap melts. Shake & use....


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My sister wants me to try to make some Kitchen Soap in a liquid. I was wondering about the coffee grounds, though. I was thinking of using a suspension shower gel base (in the hopes that it would suspend the coffee grounds). What do you think? Do you think a shower gel base would work? I have had several people ask me about the Kitchen Soap in liquid form; I guess I am going to have to play around with it, but I was stumped about the coffee grounds. A shower gel base is pretty thick (especially the suspension ones) and I am not sure if it would pump out right. My sister told me that she bought some liquid hand soap somewhere- she thought it was Bath and Body Works- that had herbs suspended in it. Have you ever seen anything like that? (I think my sister shops too much! LOL.)

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suspension shower gel base may work.......what about grinding the grounds finer with either a blender or mortal & pestil?
I would worry about full size grounds plugging the pump, or the dispenser opening.......

Keep us updated.........


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