soy candle wicking issues

lorieruJuly 21, 2014

I started making soy candles a few months ago. I am using ecosoya cb 135 and making 8 oz jelly jar candles with fragrance oils from nature's garden and no dye. I am having a very difficult time trying to find a wick that burns properly. I am currently testing lx wicks and they seem to burn well at the beginning but as the candle burns down in the jar the flame is starting to flicker constantly. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be causing this? I also noticed the same problem with cd wicks. Thank you.

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The total volume of the jar is not the only factor. The diameter of the jar can also affect your result. Most sites that well wicks have an online guide, to help you choose the right one. They usually go by the diameter of the jar.

BTW, if your jars are wide & shallow, you may need to double-wick.

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I use 415 soy wax and wick with cd 12 or 14 depending on the fragrance oil and dyes. I purchase them at Bitter Creek. They are listed under Heinz Stabillo Coreless German wicks. I pour into mason jars so it should be comparable.

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