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Healthy Eatin' Recipes...May 7, 2001

I'm sorry not to have sent out these books to you already; but my mother passed away and then I have had to move from my home.

While I still have no place to settle, a friend of mine is letting me hook up the computer at his place. so, I will be sending out the "Healthy Eatin Recipes" as the requests came in. It may take a little while since I haven't been able to send any out for 2-1/2 months.

Hang in there....They are coming

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You take all the time you need darlin. Your well being is most important. we all can wait as long as you need. My deepest sympathys for the loss of your mother and home. I will keep you in my prayers. and God bless you. CC

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What a difficult time for you. We all understand, and are sorry you've had added problems. Keep the faith, and God bless.

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Phyllis, I am so sorry to read this second message from you. I had just found your original and tried to email, but it failed. My prayers are with you. My husband age 56 just had 5 bypass surgery and I am desperate for recipes to fix. If and when you have time, I would greatly appreciate a copy. If there is any cost, please let me know.

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