keeping bath salts from caking

MarciaBannerJuly 27, 2003

I make my bath salts mostly with epsom salts and
they tend to form clumps after a while. I have bottles I want to package them in but they are shaped sort of like a soda pop bottle (with the clumpling that could get to be a pain) kosher salts do not clump but too expensive. Any suggestions

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When I did bath salts I would mix in some liquid glycerin with them. It kept them from sticking together & added a pretty shine to them. Also the glycerin is good for your skin. Your only adding about 1 TBSP to a pound of salt, maybe less....Don't want them wet, or swimming in it, just barely coated.


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I'm having the same problem. Can I use Vegetable Glycerine to fix this problem?

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I do. It works just fine. I also use 1 tbl. to a pound.

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