wicks not burning

mollyjaneaJune 14, 2004

i have several store bought candles in which the wick sputters and just goes out. Can i remedy this? it seems as if perhaps the wicks are too short? thanks for your help. MJ in RI

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There are generally just two causes for improper wick burning- one is defective wicks, the other is under-wicking, in which case the wick size is simply too small for the candle, and the wick will burn for a few minutes, then go out. If these are good quality candles, you can return them to the store as they are defective. This improper burning is common in cheaply made candles. The only thing I can think of that might remedy the situation is to melt the candle down some and pour some of it off, giving the wick more room (if indeed it is too short). The best way to do this is to sit the candle (unlit) on a plate in the oven with the oven thermostat set on warm. After the wax has melted some, you can pour some of it off, giving the wick more room. If this doesn't solve the problem, you have a defective candle or an underwicked candle.

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