LOOKING for: Recipes for someone suffering from gout,

oldschoolsgirlMay 8, 2007

What do I make, everything he eats, makes his gout flare up. Please help me.

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It is always difficult to adapt, just like anyone who is put on a restricted diet of any kind for whatever reason. It's so easy to focus on what we CAN'T have - so reverse the process and focus on what they CAN have. Since everyone with gout has different "triggers", it's not easy to recommend recipes, per se, because you don't share enough information to do that.

Try this to help off-set your frustration. Make a list of foods they CAN eat. Stick to whole foods in meal preparation. This helps you avoid "mystery" ingredients in commercially prepared foods which may trigger a flare up. As far as I'm concerned, whole foods are also beneficial because they are usually quick to fix (wash/peel/cut-up/serve, or minimal preparation and cooking), and the additional fiber found in many of them also helps with gout.

If they can eat baked potatoes, then figure out what kinds of things from your CAN-EAT-LIST can be combined to make a "new" dish out of baked potatoes. Just like we've added broccoli and cheese, or chili to the baked potato, figure out what other options from the list you can use as a new topping. Creativity is your best friend. Can you whirr something rather unexpected - like lima beans - in the blender and make a soup or sauce from the liquified bean mixture?

Do a Google search on "gout-friendly recipes" and I'm sure you will find some help there, or find a Yahoo group for some support and ideas.

What else are you doing? I've suggested black cherries and/or black cherry juice as a "folk" remedy, to 2 friends, and this has really helped them.

Have you tried increasing foods with potassium? Potassium makes the acid crystals go into solution so they can be eliminated. Is he drinking LOTS of water? Are you using lemon juice? After each meal drink the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. To get more juice out of the lemon, bring it to room temperature, then roll it around on the counter with the palm of your hand.

Good luck with your extreme cooking challenge.


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It is not easy to give generalized advice for certain diet restrictions since everybody reacts differently to certain foods. As you probably know, the foods to avoid are meat, fish and foods rich in animal protein (eggs, dairy). Vegetable proteins can also cause problems, but are usually not as bad as animal proteins.
Like grainlady states above, it is always good to stick to a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, grains and fruit.
You can make delicious casseroles using rice, pasta or potatoes combined with any kind of veggies you like. Just don't add too much cheese or eggs. Pizza with lots of veggies and just a little cheese may be okay. Soups are also a good possibility to be creative. You'll probably have to experiment a bit to find out what kinds of foods cause problems and which ones are fine.

Good luck!

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My husband is a gout patient too. He had his first gout attack three weeks back. The doctor has forbidden him to consume alcohol, high-purine foods, such as meat, fish, dry beans (also lentils and peas), mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower etc. As such I have stopped preparing these foods at home so that he doesnÂt eat by mistake. He is such a forgetful person. He will be going to Brazil in a couple of weeks and as the date is approaching I am getting worried. He will be going abroad for the first time and I wonÂt be there with him. What if he gats an attack again? Will the people there help him? I was thinking to gather information on all clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in Brazil. I came across one site where there is very helpful information on local pharmacies in Brazil, http://www.drugdelivery.ca/xx-BR-06-A-xx/Cear%C3%A1-Pharmacy.aspx . Can you please tell me where I can get similar information on the hospitals in Ceará?

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loking for can eat foods for someone with gout

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I have the do not eat list

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