Candle scent longevity?

LibbyLizJune 23, 2005

On average how long do you think a store-bought candle's scent lasts?

I've had votives & tealights for approximately a year, some a little less & some a little more & worry that I'll have to throw a bunch out soon, & most of them aren't cheap brands (Yankee & Colonial at Home, for instance).

I haven't been burning them much since moving last June from Arkansas to Utah. Most of the time when I do my husband goes around & blows them out! He hasn't done this in a long time & I've told him many times before to stop. I swear he's ADD! At least he's stopped marking the wax with his fingernails or whatever he's holding.

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A good candle will not lose its fragrance. It (the candle color) may fade, but the fragrance is an oil and oil will not evaporate from the wax. Exposure to sunlight seems to do the most damage to fragrance. I have had some candles that were three years old and when I finally lit them, they still had a wonderful fragrance. Cheap candles are a different matter. For one, the heaviest concentration of fragrance is in the top overpour. The rest of the candle is very lightly scented. That's why a cheap candle might smell terrific in the store, but when you get it home and after you have burned it for a bit, it will have nearly no fragrance. (I have a friend who works in a candle factory and that's how they do it.) It has been my experience with cheap (i.e. Dollar Store, some Wal-Mart candles, etc.) candles that after sitting for a few months they do lose their fragrance. But, they are not made with high quality, concentrated oils to begin with. Anyway, don't throw them out- they should still be good!

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