soap making pot?

intriguedbysoapJune 1, 2007

Hello everyone I am new to making soap an i need to buy a pot can anyone tell me the best brand an where i can order off the web....stainless steel but i want to make sure its the right one to buy ( pots cost so much ) Please help Thanks

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Check Kmart..Martha Stewart has them..they are reasonable...or Walmart or a discount kitchen store...

Here is a link that might be useful: MS @ Kmart

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Thank you terri !

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Save yourself a couple of bucks and find a medium to heavy walled plastic tub.
I have used a 1 gallon ice cream pail, but these are a bit too thin to use effectively, so find something a bit heavier. The walls of the tub/pail should be heavy enough so it doesn't crush/collapse when handling with one hand when loaded with raw soap.
The best tubs I find are the ones that the bulk oils come in like palm, palm kernel or I would think coconut oils; these can be found lying around some of the soap supply stores if you have'm.

Do not think that this hobby requires new equipment in the beginning or even at all.


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