LOOKING for: mechanical soft diet recipes

KathrynMay 26, 2001

Looking for recipes and any other helpful information to help Mom in feeding Dad on "mechanical soft" diet.

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plz send me a few recipes on soft diet for the purpose of my project. i would also like to use them for routine hospital diet plannings. thankyou.

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I believe , Mechanical soft diet is any food put in a blender with a little broth.

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Mechanical soft diet refers to the consistancy mainly of the meat. Mechanical soft foods are very well cooked with lots of gravy or sauce for the meats. Meats can be cut up finely or med fine like ground beef. Also meat can be chopped in chunks. It will depend on the persons degree of chewing/ swallowing difficulty. Meats should be sliced very thin and always have gravy or sauce with them to aid in swallowing. Any foods can be eaten on a mechanical soft diet as long as they are cooked very tender and the meat is the proper consistency. If needed you can puree the meat or even all foods. Add nectar, juice, gravy, broth, milk or other calorie dense liquids to foods to puree.Even pureed foods can vary in consistancy. There are generally 3 consistancies used: pudding constancy, nectar consistancy and thin consistancy (almost the consistancy of milk). Some speech therapists also recommend using applesauce consistancy. The best thing to do is consult a speech therapist and your doctor if the person is having swallowing problems so a modified barium swallow test can be given. This test will assist in determining the proper consistancy of foods/liquids to avoid choking and aspiration. I hope I helped. Good luck to you.

Debra Truncale, RD, LD

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Thankyou for defining 'mechanical soft' for us. It was suggested to us that we consider this for my wife who is coming off several weeks of being on a feeding tube due to an acute pancreatitis attack which also produced a psuedocyst that she is recovering from. She is also diabetic. We are looking for combinations of food that are low fat, low carb but will be nourishing, palitable and reasonably tasty. Thanks- Dave

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Looking for recipes for mechanical soft diets.

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