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Jennifer_PJune 3, 2004

Does anyone have a recommendation for an on=line company to use for taking credit cards via web site? We take credit cards but still do the "manual" think on the web site. I think it's costing us sales since it's not as convenient as having a shopping cart. But --- I've also read horror stories about pay pal so am looking for alternatives. Any ideas?

Thanks - Jennifer

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I have used PayPal for several years with no problems at all. I do not have a shopping cart through them mostly because I did not want to do the real-time payments. With PayPal, the payment is taken right away from the customers card or account. That may be fine for some people, but I don't have the time to keep my website updated daily, and if someone ordered (and thus paid for) something I happened to be out of or did not have enough of to fill the order, then what a hassle ensued. I have plans to someday (stress the word someday) put in an order form that will submit to me, and then I, in turn, after checking inventory and etc., will submit to them a PayPal "Pay Me" statement. PayPal is probably the most widely accepted and widely recognized shopping cart/payment option. I would consider them.

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I've used paypal for about 4 yrs now, with no problems.

Yes, they HAVE had some problems in the past...

Yes, there are horror stories.....

Yes you HEAR about the horror stories....

But overall they ARE a minute part of paypal.
And since ebay aquired paypal there have been much less of the horror stories.

Paypal could be, if nothing else, a short term solution until you find something else. Just transfer your balances out of your paypal account regularly & have them deposited into an account that is NOT your primary bank account. Preferably an account at another bank.

Just be VERY careful if you get orders from Nigeria or Indonesia. Both of those are where alot of the fradulent CC transactions orginate. Alot of online folks I know WON'T accept CC from either place.

I just had someone place an almost 200.00 order on my web site from Nigeria. After some checking, I sent them an email saying that I couldn't fill the order. THe address I was to deliver to was non existant......(I have my own merchant account, the accepting CC's from Nigeria & Indonsia was just an FYI, had nothing to do with Paypal.)


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Thanks, Susan & Hazel! I'll do some more checking into Paypal -- it really helps to have feedback from people who have been using it.


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