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hillcresthoneyMay 9, 2008

I have been reading about making Smoothies with different protein powders added to the list of ingredients. I am interested in this, but there seems to be a lot of choices and I don't know which is which. Any body trying this?

Thanks for the info!

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Whey has the highest Biological Value (BV) of all protein foods (100-150). That means your body absorbs more of it than other protein foods. Second on the list is eggs - 100 (whole eggs have a higher BV than egg whites). I'd suggest Goatein or Goatein IG (by Garden of Life), or a whey-based one. I'd also pick one with the least amount of ingredients - not a bunch of chemicals, flavorings and sweeteners.

I prefer whole foods, not fractured chemical-laden powders, so I make smoothies everyday at home for breakfast using whey-rich homemade kefir (made with REAL kefir grains, not the boxed powdered stuff), fruit and/or 100% fruit juice, some flaxmeal and a powdered supplement we take.

Using homemade kefir (a whole food) is cheaper than protein powders. Unless you are into body-building or something, most people get more than enough protein in their diets from the foods they eat.

I also drain the whey (a liquid) off the kefir curd and use the whey for making "whey lemonade". Lots of benefits from using fermented dairy foods.


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