RECIPE: Hunza bread

jolielolitaMay 4, 2006

I normally never read/respond to forums. But this one was a must. Why? It's simple. I can't believe that in the new millennium, people still believe that ignorance leads to development and knowledge. Educate yourself people . Like the message posted on Feb 7, do you really believe that poising your body with the genetically modified food, hormone and pesticides filled in the food you eat will give you healthy life? Think again. Eating healthy means eating NATURAL, UNPROCESSED and NON-genetically modified food. Fat free milk for example is NOT healthy, it's PROCESSED, it's BAD for you. So rather than wasting your time looking for the "miracle" weight loss program, research the reason why people in America and other developped (technologically advanced) countries get sicker today than ever before! This is your key to a healthy living and not a bread recipe. Please don't get offended, I am simply trying to help open your eyes!

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