Soy wax question(s)

LibbyLizJune 13, 2006

I've heard how soy wax burns cleaner than petroleum-based wax.

I've heard how soy wax burns slower than petroleum-based wax.

I've heard soy wax leaves less residue/remants than petroleum-based wax. I don't find this true at all.

(Et cetera.)

So, the major problem I'm finding with soy wax is how hard it is to remove the leftovers from a container!

Putting it in the freezer to harden up & pop out like for petroleum-based wax doesn't work.

Removing the thick greasy leftover, which reminds me of peanut butter, takes so much scrubbing & soaking with a dish detergent like Dawn or a cleaner like De-Solv-It or Goo Gone.

Is there an easier way to clean up the soy wax residue/remnants?

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soy is healthier to burn.

the easiest way for me to get candles out of holders is to put one or two drops of water into the candle holder before placing the candle in the holder. when you are ready to remove the candle it will pop out with no trouble and nothing left behind.

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What I find works best is heating the container in the microwave or with a heat gun to melt down the leftover wax. (Just make sure the metal portion of the wick is removed first if you microwave). Once the wax is melted, I pour out the excess and wipe the container with a paper towel. They come out very clean and I usually put them in the dishwasher after that. Also, if your soy candles are not burning cleanly, try trimming the wick after each burn. If I do that, there is hardly any residue at all.

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