CP soap for the 1st time is it supposed to be?

intriguedbysoapJune 9, 2007

Hi, everyone I just made 2 batchs of cp soap (FIRST TIME MAKING SOAP) is it supposed to be like a block of soft grease? I just made it so I dont know what it is supposed to be like at this point.The lye an oils are mixed well.so do you think its ok? ( oh man i keep looking at it ) A big blob of grease .

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It sounds good. What was your recipe? If you got the recipe from a good source, and followed the recipe, you should have soap.

It'll should firm up soon, today even. You could probably cut it tomorrow, but if it is still soft, then till the next day. Trim, if you trim, in a week, then let air cure for a couple of months. You can wash with any scraps you trim in a day or so.

When I started this hobby, I tasted every batch, just touch some soap to the tip of your tongue (that's all that is required to know if the soap is made properly) and test that the soap is not lye heavy; do this after about a week or so. It should taste like soap not a 9V battery after a week.

If something is not right or you are just curious, let us know here, maybe we can help.\
Congratulations, I think you may have soap!

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How did you make out with your first recipe?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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I have made a blob of grease a few times, instead of soap. It was just a tad too cool when mixed. When it's all blended, it's hard to tell the difference, but only for a short time. When it's soap, it's more like wax and gets hard qickly.

It's easy to mix them together at just barely too cool a temp and then it just never makes soap. All you get is white, thick grease.

Just heat the whole thing up again, gently, until it's about 105 degrees F, approximately. It can be a bit warmer too. Then, as it cools down, while you are stirring it, when it hits the right temp, it will make into soap.

You don't have to have the two ingred the perfect tem, then mix together. They can be warmer than that and will make soap when the whole thing hits the right temp. Sort of like HP soap. You can mix them at any time and raise the temp, cooking it slightly. This will even help to make it cure faster by getting rid of some of the excess water. Just don't scorch it. Keep mixing it until it cools enough to make soap.

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