Melted candle ~can it be fixed????

ladyish2June 15, 2008

I'm SO Stupid.... I went to the Yankee Candle sale the other day and bought 2 candles... I forgot to take them out of the trunk.

I parked in the garage (which was ok)... but a couple of days later went to see a movie. The bag was slightly a jar... and a few hours in the late afternoon ARIZONA heat.... melted! I'm not even sure if Yankee candle would exchange them.

So are my candles a total waste??? Or does anyone think that if I put them back outside (in the shade) will I be able to push the wax back so that I can use them???? At the point they are now, I can't even see the wick. However I can see a hole where the wick should be.

Thanks for any help ~ Michelle

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Michelle, try putting them in a low oven on a cookie sheet, lined with foil (incase the jar breaks)...see if you can get them to melt a bit, so you can fish the wick out and make it upright..but then I'm not sure how you'll get the wick to center unless you stand there and hold it as it cools..

Might just want to get a candle warmer and make these "candle jars"...

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Or a crafter's heat gun might level off the wax. But keep it moving, so it doesn't create hot spots.

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