LOOKING for: Very low salt Bean Soup

tootie_48May 8, 2010

My husband has CHF. He is on a very low salt diet. Can someone give a really good recipe for Bean Soup (he loves it). It is really hard to flavor without some sort of salted pork product.

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My husband was diagnosed with CHF about four years ago. Since then I've been cooking low sodium dishes exclusively. I've also got a blog that chronicles my low sodium experience. I've listed quite a few resources for information, recipes, & products on the right side of the blog. Take a look. You might find a valuable resource there.

Regarding flavor for bean soup, or any other soup, for that matter, I've used the low sodium ham flavored broth base from Redi-Base. It gives you that smokey ham flavor without all the salt. Redi-Base has a nice selection of low sodium bases too.


Also, I've stirred in a teaspoon or more of Wright's liquid smoke in bean soup. It adds that smokey flavor too. I've used plain old pork chops (the kind without salt added) to flavor bean soup. Brown them really well and deglaze the pan with water or low sodium chicken broth. It's not smokey or salty but still pretty tasty.

Soupbase.com is another source for good quality low sodium broth bases. I've found that Redi-Base & SoupBase have good flavor and much lower salt content than any of the so-called lower sodium broths available at the grocery store.


Here is a link that might be useful: Please, DON'T Pass the Salt!

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