Old Singer 626 ZigZag Special, any advice?

BCgirl4lifeOctober 21, 2013

Hi all, I just recieved my Great Grandma's Singer 626 ZigZag Special. Two problems, one: it came without a manual. Two; assuming I have it threaded properly (and I believe I do) the top thread wont catch the bobbin thread.

Is this a mechanical problem? would it be worth repairing? OR am I just not doing someting right?

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

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I have a Singer 626 Touch and Sew, so I'm going to assume this is the same or similar to the one you're asking about.
It's worth your while to get a manual, because there's a really lot of info in there. You can get an original on Ebay or a copy at Sewusa.com.
In the meantime, to pull up the bobbin thread, put the top thread thru the needle, then pull it to the back, and over the screw that holds the foot, then hold the thread downward (over the screw) and taut. Start sewing, and the bobbin thread should come up.

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Alright, followed all of your advise (thanks very much!!) and the thread still wont come up. Any Idea what the crap it might be?
as a test, I tried to wind a bobbin and it wont even do that.

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If the bobbin won't even wind, sounds like something is broke in there. Probably have to go in for repair, I would think.
While it's a nice machine, you can probably pick up another one for under $50, so not sure if it's worth fixing that one or not.

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here is a link to a free Singer 626 manual


you might have to copy and paste to get it all in.

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That's not free. Altho it's good to have a copy of the manual, there's nothing in there to help with the repair.

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Start by a thorough cleaning and oiling. Remove all the access plates you can find. Take pictures before and after so you know what goes where.

Starting at the power end, turn the hand wheel and spray WD-40 liberally onto every joint that's moving. Wipe off the excess. Work your way down to the needle end. There are a LOT of joints that wiggle in there.

Remove any lint and debris as you find it, and look for broken or cracked cams.

Remove the bobbin holder and the shield plate for the bobbin mechanism (I found a rats-nest of broken threads behind mine). WD-40 that too.

Let it sit overnight with some cloth under the needle holder to catch the drips and repeat.

Adjust the belt tension, adjust the bobbin tension, adjust the upper tension.

Double check the threading pattern.

Try it again ... if it's still not working, you have a mechanical problem.

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You can get a free manual on the Singer website under "Support and Resources"

Keep in mind the Touch and Sew machines have plastic parts that over the years can crumble and break. Mostly not worth repairing, but can be done.

Also, contrary to popular use, never use WD40 on a machine. That is not a lubricant and will eventually gum up everything. Use a regular, common sewing machine oil that you can find at any sewing store for lubrication of parts.


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Okay, see if the needle is in the correct position. Sometimes they are not all the way up in the holder. If they are not totally up in the slot they will not bring up the bobbin.
The 626 has cams, is there a cam in the machine and is it for a straight stitch?
I was given one of these and the bobbin piece broke after a few uses. The repairman wanted a ton of money to replace the piece and said the machine would need to be retimed. I left the machine there but if you can get your machine to work, I can check and see if I still have the manual and additional cams.

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Not sure what 626 you have, but I have a 626 Special, and it does not have cams.
An FYI, the T&S 600's, 601's and 602's, were the last ones made using all metal parts. They started putting some plastic parts in the 626's, and even more plastic in the machines made after that.

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Elaine -
The WD-40 was recommended to me by a Singer factory service tech. It dissolves out the old oxydized lubricant so you can get the thing moving.

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