Looking for lavender

JoC__SCJune 13, 2003

I am looking for a good source for lavender. Can anyone help?


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Frontier herb has good lavender (that's what alot of the health food places carry). They are a co-op & you have to join, I think. (Had their catalog, but got rid of it a few cleanings out ago)
Also, San fransisco Herb, BUT make sure you get lavender # 1, not 2. Supposedly there is only a "color" difference, but after getting # 2 once, I think it's a lesser "quality", doesn't seem to smell as good.
They have an east coast division, Atlantic spice, in MA, but if you order from them everything has to be in 1 lb incriments. If you order from San fransisco herb in CA, alot of stuff you can get in 4 oz sizes.
(depending on what you are doing with it you might want only 4 oz, as it's about a quart size ziploc bag full. a full pound is a very full gallon size bag, possibly a bit more, but only size i can think of at the moment.)


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I wish I had known....I just cut my lavendor would have been more then happy to mail you some...not sure what the quality you would consider it but would have been happy to share.....If by chance I get a second cutting....email me your addy i will save it and dry and mail you some lavendor...next year I should have more as I planted 3 more plants this year....Stacy

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If you are East of the Mississippi you can use Atlantic Spice which is the sister company to San Francisco Herb. Same stuff just less shipping cost. As for the #2 lavender I have used that for years and it is beautiful and I have had both. But that is just my opinion. As for price I think Atlantic or SFherb have the best prices.

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If you are looking for smaller quantities, SF herb does SOME things in 4 oz or ½lb sizes, Atlantic spice only has full 1 lb packages of everything. May work out about the same with the shipping difference, but I hate to waste the product if I don't need a full pound.


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Thanks everyone. I ordered from Atlantic Spice. The lavender smells great, but so does everything stored in the box with it!

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