New coconut oil and soap ready to pour right away

blazinloJune 10, 2013

I just started using a new coconut oil.. still 76 degree but from diff mfg. When I mix (by hand) my lye/water mixture into my oils, by time I finish pouring the lye/water, the whole batch is JUST ABOUT ready to be poured into mold..... With OLD Coconut oil, I would need to use a stick blender for about 4-5 mins after adding the lye/water mixture. Should I be concerned? nothing but the coconut oil has changed.

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If you soap at a cooler temp, then it will give you more time when coming to trace.

I preach soaping at body temp (both the lye and oils/fats), this will normally give you at least 10 minutes with a stick blender to come to trace.

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