Making my own soy candle but can't get them to smell!!!

skyisthelimitJune 27, 2008

I started making candles about three months ago and i would like to make them and sell them. I have a lot of people wanting them but i can't get them to smell. I started with parifin wax but after reading i found people would rather have soy and i couldn't get the parifin wax to smell. They had a great cold throw but nothing when they burn. Soy is easier to work with easy clean up just better all around. So i turned to soy. I went to just by nature and bought my supplies. I did everything that i was supposed to do. I got wicks for my size of jar (they have a chart on the site that helps you for your wick size) I used 1 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax i even bought a coconut oil because it is supposed to help with the warm scent oil. I made two different batches of candles some with the coconut oil some without. I let them cure for at least a week. Some longer. I mixed everything for about two minutes and let it cool a little before i put it in containers. I heated the jars to room temp as they say this helps the candles adhere to the jar.I put them all together when cooling so they cool slower. Again when i burn them my room don't smell. I put one in my little bathroom and let it burn with the door shut and i got nothing. My wic is mushrooming and both wics i tried did that. I used 100 percent soy wax. I made sure the fragrance was able to be used with soy. I need help now that i have wrote a book i have questions. Am i doing something wrong? Where is good place to buy wax, wic and fragrance oil? Anything that you can give me to help my situation will be great. I love making them but after you fail so many times you tend to get upset and uninterested. i have made about 30 candles and now i am just burning them to reuse the jars. I have bought from different sellers for my supplies so it's not that i got a bad batch of supplies its something that i am doing wrong!!! Still no smell in any of them. Great cold throw nothing when it burns. I would love to see what i can do with this. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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What temperature did you heat the wax to before adding the scent?

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Also, you may just need to experiment with oils from different companies. Some just have a better throw than others.

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I have been in the candle making and retailing business for some time and I learned that soy candles need to have a way higher part of fragrance to even smell than paraffin candles. It is in the property of the soy bean wax. Funny right? I guess this makes it way more pricey to make a nice smelling soy candle as the fragrance is expensive. The release of fragrance without burning the soy candles is also a lot less. I compare it for example with the wax pottery bowls I feature as well and they fragrance a room way more than our soy candles even though we put less fragrance in them when pouring the wax. Anyway, good luck with your soy candles, you might need patience as soy is tricky.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Pottery Bowls and Soy Candles

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I use 1 1/2 oz per pound of wax. That is what my soy wax maximum fragrance load is. Check with your wax supplier to amke sure you know what your maxiumum amount can be.
Unfortunately you will have to test test test each fragrance you want to use. I would start with sample sizes first. I have found many great strong smelling fragrances; but have also found quite a few that are weak. I use several different fragrance suppliers. Might cost me more to get supplies from several sources )shipping costs); but my repeat customer sales are worth it.

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I have been making and selling candles for ten years now. When I started, I was using parafin but within a year I switched to soy. That was about the time they had introduced soy. I use a crock pot. My husband drilled a hole near the bottom, on the side, and put a spicot on it. I melt the wax in the crock pot. I have it set on the dial where it wil heat the wax to 150 degrees. I then pour the amount of melted wax that I want (let's say 14oz) into a glass measuring cup. I then add the scent. Usually about 1oz. It also depends on how strong the scent is, so take a wiff while your stirring. That will be about how strong it will be when the candle is burning. Then I add the coloring. I've tried different ways to color and I liked the liquid color the best but now I don't use any coloring. My label for my jars are the color the candle would be. As soon as I have added the sent and color, I pour it right into the jars.(I use 8oz mason jars) I don't heat my jars first but I do have my wicks already 'glued' into the jars before I pour in the wax. I put a dab of hot glue on the wick tab and attach it to the bottom of the jar. That way it stays centered and in place while the wax is cooling. The 14oz that I mentioned above plus the scent will fill two 8oz jars just right. Once the wax cools, I cut off the wick and put on the lid. I have not had any problems with the scent of my candles. I have repeat buyers.

My question to you is what kind of wick do you use. I use a hemp core wick that is already tabbed and dipped in wax to stiffen it. It sounds as if you might be using a zinc core wick. The zinc core wicks will cause alot of the same problems you're having. I tried to use up the zinc core wicks that I had left over from when I made parafin candles and they do not work in soy wax. I was trying to save myself some money but that didn't work.
I buy my supplies from Bitter Creek Candle Supply. A link to their site below. I would recommend them to anyone. They have alot of helpful ideas and they do have live help on their site. I don't know what time of day but they usually have someone on there everyday. You can also call them on the phone and there is always someone available. They love talking about candles.
I hope this has helped you. Keep trying, you'll get the hang of it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bitter Creek Candle Supply

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