Has anyone used the EZ bobbin winder?

zone_8grandmaOctober 31, 2007

I purchased this kit (adapter and spools) so I could wind more thread than my bobbins hold to use on my serger.

The problem I'm having is that it winds so tight that it doesn't spool smoothly off the spool.

Wondering if anyone else here has used the EZ Winder, and if so, is there a trick to winding thread correctly?

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I have one, and I sorta guide the thread as it comes off the original serger thread spool onto the EZ winder spool. I just sort of guide the thread up and down onto the spool so that it's on there evenly. Hard to explain on paper. The problem I have with my Bernina is that I need to hold the little lever for the machine's bobbin threader or else it'll stop winding, so I need to use both hands to do it...my left hand to guide the thread, and my right hand to make the bobbin threader continue to operate. Overall, tho, I like the EZ winder b/c then I only buy one large serger spool and fill 3 or 4 more EZ spools from it. I feel like this doesn't make a lotta sense, so if I can answer any further questions, please ask and I'll try to do better.


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Thanks for the response - I think I understand what you are saying. I want to use the EZ winder for the same reason as you do (buy only one serger cone and have 3-4 matching spools off that cone).

I tried it again this morning (I have a Viking Designer machine). I bypassed the bobbin tension (I was winding a pearl crown thread, quite heavy). It hurts my hand to try to guide it, so I ran the thread through the loop in my embroidery scissors and the allowed the thread to run up and down the spool as it wound. Haven't tried it out on the serger yet, but am hopeful. I was afraid I might have wasted the $20, but it's starting to look better...
Thanks again

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Sounds like a lot of work to me,considering serger thread isn't that expensive(IMHO) and lasts a looooooooonnnnggggggg time.

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Well, a cone of Maxi lock is about $3, so four cones (for a 4 thread overlock) would be $12. If I'm making a garment that's a color I don't usually sew, those cones will just sit unused for a long time.

I also like to use wooly nylon and it's $8/cone. Four cones would be $32. And that might be for a color that I'll have no further use for....

Another consideration is space to store cones. I have space on my thread rack for about 65 cones and it's full...

I don't mind buying lots of black, white, navy etc, but I do like the inside thread to match the outside and I sure don't want to buy lots of aqua, fuschia, purple (colors like that).

The other use is to wind yarns and decorative threads - I'm working on learning how to use them decoratively in the serger.

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Right, zone 8Grandma! I also prefer a matching color of thread, even if it's an unusual color. I too don't mind having 4 or 5 spools of the neutral colors, but not purple or aqua. Haven't had to make that kind of investment since I got the EZ winder. I also make lots of square dance clothes with yards and yards of ruffles using wooly nylon for the rolled hem. Again, this allows me to buy fewer spools. And for me it's no more difficult than winding a regular bobbin, except that I need to hold the lever in place, as I said.

And since serger thread generally has shorter, lighter weight fibers (this is ok, because of the interlocking structure of the stitches), it isn't recommended for sewing machines, so the odd colors never are used for anything else.

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My serger has spool holders so I can use regular thread on the spindles if I want. I usually use 2 spools of cone thread and 2 spools of regular thread. Can't you do that?
Kathy G in MI

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Sure, and sometimes I do. It depends on the thread. I'm mostly interested in doing this with the expensive specialty threads. I've been reading a book on decorative serging techniques and I want to try some of them out on my granddaughters clothes. Some of those threads are $7 or $8 per spool. (The glitterly metallic threads in addition to the wooly nylon (which I generally buy 2 cones at a time))

I also am trying it with yarn. This book describes making your own decorative cording by serging over filler cord with yarn.

I've been practicing and Mary is right. It doesn't take long.

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I always buy my wooly nylon with coupons at Joanns.

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Does your Joann's let you use one coupon for several items? Ours doesn't. If you can get lots of spools with one coupon, you're lucky (and I'm jealous)!

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My JoAnns doesn't either. In fact, if an item is on sale (even if it's only 10% off) they won't let me use a coupon for it.

Several times a year, however, they put most of their thread brands on sale and that's when I stock up.

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Thanks for the information. I need to watch every $ as we are retired. I will be buying one with the extra spools. I "know" that I'll need the extras sooner than seems reasonable.

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I have one coming early next week. If I run into trouble, I'll be back. My reason is like most folks, Too many cones, not enough room. Nehmah

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Can anyone tell me the size (height) of the spools? I have a Brother SE270 sewing/embroidery machine that uses a cassette threading system, and only takes thread spools up to a certain height. I'm stuck with a lovely assortment of Madeira embroidery threads I can't use unless I can transfer them to smaller spools. Thank you!

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I bought my EZ Bobbin Winder for the same reason a lot of other people did: to use the thread from my serger cones. In my opinion, the EZ Bobbin Winder is pretty cheaply made and a bit finnicky, but by holding the thread through my fingers as it winds, the bobbin winder does pretty well. I have a whole case of white thread bobbins now - very handy! And I can use different colored threads in my serger by winding it around metal bobbins and then putting it on the thread spindles when I have a small project and don't feel like re-threading the serger.

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I have the EZ winder...I slow my machine down, I have a Janome, and guide the thread with left fingers, up and down the spool. If the motor is running too fast, it will burn your fingers. With my right finger I steady the spool, snug it down tight.

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For RevDi...the spools are 2" tall and 1.5" diameter measuring the cap on each end. I have the winder and have a difficult time also. I bought for winding machine embroidery thread. Yes, those cones can get costly because there are so many shades of a color, and I share with a friend. Worth the money for us....we got extra spools.

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