RECIPE: Looking for recipes to fatten up a diabetic

efine50April 14, 2009

My other half has type 2 diabetes. He's very good when it comes to eating the right things but he can't gain weight! Went to the doctor yesterday and the doc wants him to gain about 25lbs. How can I do that? I watch his carb & fat intake. I'd rather not load him up on fat but what else can I do? Anyone have any ideas...I would really appreciate it!



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There are good fats, like natural oils. I use a lot of oils, like walnut, seseme, macadamia, olive, other nut oils. I don't use certain oils after much research, but that is up to you. I have type 2 diabetes that is controlled by diet, for 14 yr. now. There are bad fats, like in red meat, etc., that would end up clogging his system, etc. A good oil would be in canned salmon, make patties, a loaf, salmon spread (like tuna), and most salmon that is canned is wild salmon, so free of mercury and lead. Maybe his metabolism is fast also. I know it is hard to balance the blood sugars, and keep the fats down.

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Thanks Darlene
I'm going to look into the good fats. He's been drinking Glucerna and that is helping and not affecting his sugar levels. Between that and a different diet may just do the trick.

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