Advice about Broan Elite under cabinet hood

beachlover2May 7, 2013

Does anyone have a Broan Elite E64000 Series E6430SS under cabinet hood? Can you tell me if you like it or any pros and cons? Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Here is a link to the hood:
Also, have any of you had any experience ordering from

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I ordered that hood to replace the Broan Elite e60000 that we had previously. I like the variable speed control. We are keeping the stainless backsplash from the prior unit as well. I initially planned to do cabinets over the E64000, but now my cabinetmaker is making a hood cover for it instead. It still worked out to be the best hood for the buck with 600 CFMs, baffles and a decent depth. It will hopefully be installed next week.
I ordered it from AJ Madison as well and had a good experience with them other than the knucklehead delivery guys that smashed my mailbox....

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Holly- Kay

It is on my short list. I have a Zephyr Power Tempest on my list but it is almost 1,000 compared to the Broan E6400. I also have an XOT30 on my list that is closer to the Broan in price than the Zephyr. The Broan hood offers a lot of bang for the buck and I emailed my appliance guy this morning suggesting the Broan. I am hoping to hear back from him soon!

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I am trying to decide about the stainless backsplash. How hard is that
to keep clean? I am wondering about stainless vs tile.

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When we moved in the kitchen had the stainless backsplash with shelves. It was the ONLY thing I liked about the kitchen before! It has been super easy to care for. There are a few small scratches from who knows what, but a little Bar Keeper's Friend while it was down in the garage and it looks almost new again. I don't know that I would pay $400+ for it, but I am happy have it. I read that some have had local sheet metal fabricators make one for much less. The shelves are my favorite part. I didn't use them for food warming, but for utensil storage, etc.
When we changed to a wood hood instead of leaving the stainless hood, I considered not using the SS back splash for all of two seconds.

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I have that hood in 30". It's attached to an 1100 CFM inline blower. It provides excellent ventilation, and I like the baffle system better than mesh. They are easier to clean by hand, and you can also put them in the dishwasher. ALthough there is variable speed, I find that I pretty much always use the max hi speed. I do have a few complaints. The knobs are small and kind of hidden. Hard to find them. I would have preferred a setup like the GE monogram hoods, where the knobs are outside. Also, the knobs themselves are very cheap plastic and keep loosening. I ended up buying new knobs from Home Depot that fit much better and are much tighter. They only cost a few dollars, but it just annoyed me to have to fix something like that on my own. All in All, I like the Broan.

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