LOOKING for: Lower Cholestrol Level

Christina RodriguezApril 23, 2001

If you will please email any recipes you think will help. I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


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There are tons of low-fat recipe web sites...Just go to a search engine and type in "Low-fat recipes".
I am currently working on a collection of tried and tasty low-fat recipes for folks that have high cholesterol.....but it will probably take me about a kazillion years to get it together....lol


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my husband'cholestrol is high and these day he has no feeling on his fingers. tell me what should I do.
thank you so much

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Salmon and Tuna have the good cholestrol that is good for your heart and is recommended to eat when you have High cholestrol. Do a search on the net for any grilled recipes or other recipes with these 2 fish in them.

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need foods that are low cholestrol. Thank You

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I found a great, easy to make cake recipe. One box of cake mix (I have used chocolate and spice). Add one 15 oz. can pumpkin and 1/2 cup water. Mix. Spray a 9x13 cake pan with Pam. Bake at 350 for 30-35 min. It sounds weird, but it's really good and low fat.

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Cholestrol is found mostly in meats. Do not eat them and your cholestrol levels will go down. Oils are not good for you and they are in meats, but they are also in many other things. Read lables or better yet don't buy anything in a box. I recently did this and after losing 10 pounds my cholestrol went down 49 points. I now eat meat twice a week only and use 'spray' oil if needed. A protein substitue is beans with a grain and nuts but nuts have high oil. Eat them sparingly. Find a health food store that has bulk items and find brown rice, whole barley. wheatberries, whole rye, and whole oats. Any of these with beans are a great protein. Eat veggies and fruits and no refined sugars or white flours. You will be thin and healthy and everyone will *hate* you for it!!! Make this a lifelong eating regime....you can do it. Go to drmirkin.com for much more in this way of eating.

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I was recently told I have high cholesterol and low blood sugar and to go on a low-fat diet. Is there any type diet that combines all these in one for weight reduction also? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Eat oats. This grain has been proven to help lower cholesterol. I eat oatmeal, oat bran, and cheerios with skim milk, without sugar. If you use skim milk instead of water to make the oatmeal and oat bran cereal, you don't need sugar. I add fruit like strawberries and blueberries. Avoid dried fruit; it is concentrated sugar. Eat bananas sparingly; they are high sugar.

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Eat fish like I mentioned above. It is highly recommended for anyone with high cholestrol. It has high fish oil. High fish oil has the good cholestrol. The good cholestrol fight the bad cholestrol. Mackreal has the most fish oil in it. Fish with this type of oil is highly recommended by doctors for patients that have high cholestrol. I love salmon that is grilled.

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