LOOKING for: Diabetic jelly & jam recipe

elvisApril 28, 2002

I have a friend I like to send jellies & jams I make to. She's diabetic, though, and could do without the sugar. Any recipes out there? Thanks!

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Try Spenda, we did making Crab Apple Jelly, turned out good, but on the soupy side. Got some recepies thru the North Dakota University extensions department. Need more infor--let me know and I will do additional research

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I just made blueberry sugar-free jam. I used Splenda as a sugar-substitute. I knew that commercial pectins wouldn't work to thicken it so I just cooked it until it was thick enough (about 220 degrees on a candy thermometer if you want to check it that way). It took about 30 minutes but came out great. Just remember to cook it down and then let it cool to see how thick it really is. It won't get any thicker when you put it in the jars. I then put it in sterilzed jars and hot water bath processed it for 5 minutes. You have to be really careful when using Splenda, as far as sterilizing, etc. Splenda does not have the anti-bacterial properties that sugar does.

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Good to know Angel,
I've been searching for the answers as to why jelly recipes with splenda were short lived. Good advise on the boiling down too....now I can proceed with as little of the vile stuff as possible.

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