fisherman's soap recipe?

sristonMay 23, 2004

I am looking for a recipe for Fisherman's Soap. I decided that since summer was here, I'd give this idea a shot. I am having a hard time finding a recipe for one, though. I know my Kitchen Soap will remove those fishy odors, but I wanted to make a product that was different from it. However, all of the recipes that I have found use Anise EO for fragrance. Well, I don't have any, but the reason Anise EO is used is because it is supposed to attract fish. I don't want a soap to attract fish- I want to make one to remove those "after fishing" odors! Does anyone have any ideas?


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I have a friend who buys my lavender dryer bags by the dozen because her DH & DS work in the seafood industry, & it's the only thing she has found that removes the "fishy" smell from their clothes.
So I don't know if lavender would work or not, but may a combo of your garderners ingredients, except use lavender EO instead? (Plus the healing properties in the lavender.....)
or maybe lavender/vanilla?

And the Anise oil is good as fishermens/hunters soap because the anise helps cover the human scent.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I may try that. All of the recipes that I came across, and I looked for what felt like hours, were the same- nothing but the Anise oil. I wanted something a little different. I don't have any anise oil and have never smelled it to my knowledge. I may buy some and experiment. Or, I may just re-package the kitchen soap into a hunter and fisherman soap. It is amazing what re-packaging does- lotion won't sell at all for me in a bottle, but I sell in in jars as "Body Butter" and it sells well. Strange, isn't it? Of course, the kitchen soap sells as fast as I make it- I was just wanting a product targeted to the sportsman.

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The anise oil smells like black licorice. I love it....alot of folks don't, but it's supposed to work well to disguise human scent....


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We used to do a Fisherman's soap with anise oil. It really didn't sell well so we quit selling it. I didn't like the label or color tho' so I don't know if that had something to do with it. Anise does smell like licorice (that's what it's flavored with) and most people don't want to smell like that! Anise is supposed to keep the human scent from transferring to the bait and vice versa. Regardless, like I said, it didn't sell that great so I'd start with a small batch. Good luck! BTW - you can buy anise oil at the grocery - the natural is essential oil.

Good luck!


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I picked up some anise essential oil from a health food store. I made a batch of the soap. I think it stinks. But, I don't like licorice, and to me this smells like black licorice. I don't think it will sell but I may be wrong. I still may design a special packaging for the kitchen soap that targets hunters/fishermen. Same product, different label. I just don't like that smell of licorice!

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I thought a fishermans soap was made for fishermen to attract fish. I make a Hunter and Fishersoap that disguises the human scent. I use pure Anise Essential Oil in this. For a soap to get rid of odors including fish you need to make a soap with coffee in it A good strong coffee soap with fresh grounds in it will not only remove fishy odors but the odors from onions and garlic and gasoline and kerosene. In my younger days I was a car detailer and an oldtimer told me about coffee. If a car came in all musty and moldy smelling we would sprinkle fresh coffee grounds on the seats and carpets. and close the car up after several hours we would vacumn and the car smelled fresh again.

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How about trying lemon or orange oil? Lemn in particular is used to remove fishy odors.

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That is a good idea! I think I will give that a try.

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Lemon EO will not stay in CP soap; it's probably the worse lasting EO made. I don't kow how it is for cleaning, but try litsea cubeba for lasting scent.
Orange EO is better for lasting scent, but not by much.

You could make a blend of litsea and a citrus EO.


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I make M&P and rebatched soap, so I don't have a problem with the essential oils. As it turned out, the anise oil soap (my fisherman's soap) sold quite well. Seems like everyone but me loved the smell!

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Don't know if this works, but thought I would post it here for you to try if you want!

After you make the "Basic Soap Recipe":

Melt 12 oz. of grated basic soap and 9 oz. water together.
Add 3 tablespoons freshly ground coffee and 1 teaspoon powdered benzoin.

Stir until the soap is cool so the grounds will not sink to the bottom of the molds.
Pour into molds.

Good luck and hope this helps!

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