What is the best scale to use?

ladyofsuccessMay 5, 2007

I am in the process of buying all of the items I will need for lotion, soap and perfume making. What scale would you suggest?

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I might be the resident CP Big-Mouth here, so IÂll pipe in with some scale requirements for CP and HP soap you might consider.

I will preface this with I use a triple beam scale, and I measure out each ingredient separately; it is most accurate for me, it is relatively expensive, my suggestion to you is to consider the better electric scales.

Decide if it is Metric or standard you desire to work with? Some scales have both.

Accuracy: I do not need a scale that measures to the tenth of an gram, so I need a scale that measures down to 1 gram accuracy.

How much weight will you (and in the future) will you be working with?

You might want a TARE feature with your new electric scale; if you are not aware, you can zero the scale with first the empty container, then, each addition of ingredients; so you do not have to add the ingredients together each time theyÂre added; just measure out what your recipe dictates.

Is it easy to clean? Does the base come off for cleaning?

Is the base large enough to hold the containers you will work with?
I use one of those large rubberized drink coasters that prevent my containers from slipping off of the base plate of the scale. (This figures in with the weight of the empty container before I start measuring out the ingredients, in fact, it never comes off of the scale, unless I am cleaning it)(Triple beams are not cleaned as easily as decent electric ones!)

Do not feel that you have to purchase everything new, check out second hand outlets for all of your hobby needs.

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Whatever you do, don't get a battery operated scale. I got one for Christmas (I forget the name but it's a popular brand), it doesn't work right (it shuts off while you are measuring the stuff, and it claims it WON'T do that!) Get a normal scale if you can, plus you won't have to replace batteries.

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I use a digital postal scale and have no problems with it.

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