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tina_2May 8, 2006

Hi all. Can anyone tell me the secret to scenting & coloring - a rebatch of goatsmilk soap. I just finished the rebatch- carefully followed the directions, to the letter. I used essential oil & part of a color chip. Nothing happened. The soap is the same color, as it was when I started. What ,can I do? Any & All advice, greatly appreciated. Thank you - Tina_2

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This is from one of my most favorite soap resourses and suppliers.
Maybe you didn't use enough EO and colorant?

Here is a link that might be useful: BB's Rebatching instructions

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Thank you Terri, for the information.It's nice to know that there is someone, to help us ''newbies'' out. I think -I added too much liquid. It is still soft, in the mold & I can see little particles of the color chip. I just read, that it's possible to put 2- soap bases together. Do you think, I might wind up doing that? I have a plain unscented, no color base that I could use. What should I do?
Please, tell me your ideas on this situation.
Thank you, so much. Tina_2

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