I love the efficency of this motorhome

marti8aJanuary 1, 2009

Some of you may have gotten it in an email, calling it a garbage truck, but that was a spoof. It was built as a motorhome and is pefectly organized


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I would shudder to think what it cost, though! I like the kitchen design- the drawers in particular. When we build our home, I don't want any overhead cabinets, so I intend to put a lot of study into drawers. Open a bottom cabinet and calculate how much wasted space there is- in our house, it's 50% or better. And if you do fill it up, you have to drag everything out to get to something on the bottom. The desk is neat, too. I plan a small computer nook for our build- how much space do you need to sit and type?

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I quite agree about bottom cabinets. I love the big pull out drawers but those deep cabinets are too deep to get anything in or out of without standing on your head.

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Is it bulletproof?

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