getting an even burn

DtkatyMay 21, 2004

I've had several of those pricey,popular, wonderfully scented candles that can be bought gift stores & such. My gripe is they do not burn evenly. They burn straight down the center leaving a LOT of wax on the sides of the jar.

I just bought a small (5oz)candle at a fundraising event & this candle burns perfectly. - the best I've ever seen or had. I will definitely buy more of them!

So....i'm guessing it's the kind of wax that's used. What kind of wax should I look for in a candle so that it will burn evenly?

Thanks so much for any help!

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It's the wick & the wax combo, but I think the wick more than anything. If the wick is too small the wax will tunnel down the middle like yours did. If it's too big it will melt the cadnle to the edges TOO quickly, causing it to run down the sides & be wasted.

A good wick, properly sized will melt the wax in an even pool, close to but not thru the sides so it doesn't leak, then you roll the edges down as it burns to use all the wax.

Alot of the candles being made commerialy are made with cheap wax, wicks & scents (although alot of them are getting better SCENT now, but still crappy wax/wicks).

Just make note when you buy a candle & when you find ones you like stick with that company.

(I used to really like Partylite tealight candles, but it seems like in the last year or so they have changed some stuff. The scent throw isn't nearly what it was, the candles DON'T burn as well or as long as they used to.
They've kept the prices the same, but I think they haved "cheapened" the candles to do so. I would rather pay MORE for a GOOD candle than the same price for lesser quality. I thought it was just ME, but after talking to some other folks, realize I'm not the only one who noticed the changes....)


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Hazel is right, it is the wick more than anything, they are not using one large enough for the container.

Hazel, I agree with you regarding partylite, I can hardly get any scent from them at all when burning and I agree, their prices continue to stay the same or in some instances go up but the quality is gone.

I have been getting some really good ones from a excellent candlemaker on Ebay lately.


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Hazel and Elle are correct: it is the wick that has to do with whether the candle burns evenly or not. An underwicked candle will burn just as you said- just down the middle. However, an overwicked candle can cause a fire. If I am in doubt about the size of the wick I should use (perhaps I have a container that is borderline in size or oddly shaped), I will underwick the candle because an uneven burning candle is far better than a fire! By far the best wax to use for container candles is Astorlite J223. The J50 is popular, too, but I don't think the scent throw is as good with it. I have tried many brands of wax, and I have always stayed with the J223. I have used it for about 4 years now. I have even tried soywax, which I don't care for at all. Some people mix their soy wax and parrafin based wax and have good results. As far as purchasing a candle that burns well, purchase one that is a good name brand (like Yankee) or from a crafter who knows what they are doing. When it comes to cheap candles, you usually get what you pay for.

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