RECIPE: Gout - Food Restrictions?

annie1971March 5, 2008

My husband's friend is coming to visit and has suffered with gout in is little toe, which I guess is extremely painful and debilitating. He has told me in the past that any amount of protein, whether it be soy protein or meat, chicken or dairy, is a problem. Now that he's coming to visit, however, he says that he can eat anything -- no restrictions! I'm baffled by this and want to make sure that I don't cook something that will cause a flair-up.

Can anyone provide more insight with respect to gout and food limitations? Really don't want to take him to the airport in a wheel chair!

Thanks for any cooking help.

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Maybe he went to the doctor and received treatment or learned he doesn't have gout. The list of things that he says caused gout is a little longer than the things that actually cause gout. All of the items he listed don't have uric acid. Also gout is usually not associated with the little toe, but rather the big toe, ankle, joints, etc. I suppose its possible, but maybe he is taking the medicine. I would be surprised if you would be serving him anchovies, liver, kidneys, broccoli and some of the major items that cause it anyhow.
some people lately have complained that drinking a lot of REd Bull can bring on gout. I don't know.

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