hot vs cold process soap making

sandy007May 19, 2006

I'm about to try my hand at soap making. I'm wondering if there are certain recipes that must be used for hot processing or if any basic soap recipe can be used.

Also, I am planning to use the hot process method because of space and time restrictions for curing cold process soaps. My thought was to make basic soap using the hot process method then make some fun milled soap from my basic soap.

Any suggestions or inexpensive but quality recipes would be great.


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Hi and good luck,

I don't come here often, so I may not be back to respond.

I would recommend to try the CP method first, I find it easier then HP.

If you are going to rebatch, making soap (either method) then re-melting it, then HP may be okay. Hot process (HP) is a little trickier to get the look right, as it can look too rustic for some.
As for a recipe, what oils/fats do you have on hand?

I would recommend if you are going to HP, then use the full amount of water, do not discount it.

Good luck!

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