LOOKING for: Low Sodium Recipes

Donna HarperMarch 15, 2001

My husband recently had a heart attack at the age of 42. The Dr. has instructed him to watch fats, cholestrol, and sodium.

We have really had problems finding low sodium foods and/or recipes (that are also ok fat and cholesterol-wise),

Would love to hear from anyone who might have some ideas!!

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hello from alabama. my daughter is 6 months pregnant and suffering from high blood pressure . the doc has told us to cut out all salt and sodium as much as possible.we are used to cooking southern country type foods.i have found it virtually impossible to find things in the grocery store that fall in such a catagory! if anyone has any salt free low sodium recipes i would really appreciate if you would pass them on my way.does anyone know a website or any other info that would be helpful? my daughter is on complete bedrest now due to sever kidney infection and high blood pressure . please help me find something she can enjoy eating. thanks a bunch.

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One of the toughest diets to follow. Use lemon juice, vinegar and herbs to season. Some bakeries make salt-free bread. Some pickle mfgrs. make a 'no-salt added pickle'. There's a good 'no-salt added ketchup' on the shelves, and most of the big veggie canners are canning without salt. Teach yourself to read labels. Go to the web for recipes, and 'good luck'.

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My father just had a heart attack at the age of 50. Of course, the doctor has told him to knock off the sodium. My husband and I are trying to feed him things he likes. The thing he misses most? Barbeque sauce. It all has tons of sodium but makes everything taste so good. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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Try here for low salt recipes with lots of flavor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low Salt recipes found here

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tammy, I know what you mean about Southern country cooking! It it doesn't have salt and grease in it, it just isn't fit to eat (haha). I looked at vickey's link to Low Salt recipes, and they look good.

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Recently - probably because I am nearing menopause - I have become extremely sodium-sensitive. It raises my blood pressure and makes me retain water. I never had this problem in the past. So I can sympathize with all of you who have posted on this thread.

low salt seeker, Here are links to two recipes for low-sodium barbecue sauce:


Donna, the link below takes you to a really good low-sodium cooking site with lots of recipes.

Do you have Trader Joe's stores in your area? If so, they carry a lot of low-sodium and sodium-free products - go to www.traderjoes.com website for a list.

McCormick and Mrs. Dash both have lines of salt-free seasonings, and I really like the Mrs. Dash marinades for meat & veggies.

If you rinse canned foods like beans, tuna, chicken, and olives, you can usually remove about half the sodium from them.

The thing that I find most frustrating about avoiding sodium, though, is that even the supposedly "healthy" frozen meals are loaded with it. It's tough to find a packaged meal that contains less than 25% the daily recommendation. Lean Cuisine has about 5 varieties that fit the bill. Trader Joe's makes some Asian meals that are low-sodium, and Aldi's Grandessa Brand Mexican and Creole pork meals are lower in sodium. But I usually end up making lasagna, meatloaf, or casseroles every weekend and taking portions to work for lunch all week.

And don't even get me started about restaurant food - I always blow up like a balloon the next day after I eat out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Low Sodium Cooking

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