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othermothersMay 8, 2006

I own a childrens store and have been making soy candles and selling them at my store. The baby powder scented ones sell very good there. I would like to add a line of baby products like soaps etc. Does anyone know where to find recipes for these? Also I ordered Brittany Spears Fantasy scents for my candles a while back and they have been a big seller, but for the life of me I can't find that scent again and can't remember where I ordered it from. Can anyone help me? This scent goes over real well for teenage girls. I make them without wicks and add a burner for birthday gift for teens.

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NG has the scent.
They also have a recipe for making a baby "shower gel" or baby bath.
There might be some recipes here Bath and Body Recipes

Here is a link that might be useful: Fantasy~Nature's Garden

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i would not jump into making baby products if you aren't familiar with making b&b products. babies are very sensitive and most soaps, gels etc are too harsh and there are issues with allergens. certain oils and chemicals should not be used, not to mention fragrance oils, these are just way too harsh chemically. there is also the liability that comes with it. i hope you don't try this, but if you do, i hope you have great insurance to cover your behind.

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