RECIPE: My son's multiple allergies!

kaviaksMarch 8, 2009

My 13 year old had 4 anaphylactic reactions, then we did testing. He is allergic to Cow milk, Corn, Shellfish, Pork, Coconut, watermelon, Green Beans, Green Pepper, Ginger, Sesame seeds(Dr suggests no seeds since factories tend to mix it up accidentally but said sunflower oil is okay), with things to be careful about: peanut, wheat, barley, perch, tuna, beef, chicken, lamb, apricot, lima bean, spinach,and vanilla. To say the least this has proven to be very challenging! Also, we found out deli meats(turkey) often are mixed with corn and pressed. He needs to stay away from all for a year and then see if some sensitivities go away.

He's 13. Having hard time especially with his big allergies of corn, milk, and pork. The no chocolate I know he will cheat once not around us. I looked at sites but it is all so expensive! Especially for a 13 year old that loves chocolate! Does anyone know of resources? I am not an avid cook, so simple recipes would be appreciated! I tried a bit at Trader Joe's but when they just have "spices" listed, I can't be sure it has another of his allergies.

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Do you have a whole foods in your area? Whole foods or a natural health food store would really do you wonders for finding foods he can eat.

As for chocolate, I believe carb could be an ok substitute. They make carob chips etc. that he could snack on, they have a similar taste, look, and texture as chocolate but without the dairy.

With milk there's lots of no dairy products like nut milks, soy milks, rice milks etc. Which also make ice creams, yogurts, cheeses and other non dairy products.

With the turkey lunch meat I would check the organic and or antibiotic/hormone and nitrate free types they are much more minimally processed.

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