Couple things

CraftyGirl75May 6, 2003

1: Hazel- You mentioned that you didn't care for your current suppliers Metal scent. The place I ordered from has a really good smelling metal scent. I like metal and fire the best. Don't like the wood. They only sell earth in candle safe though. If you are interested I can send you a 2 oz. soap in metal so you can smell it. Didn't know if you wanted to add metal to your feng shui line or not.

2: I have searched for baby product bases (gentle formulas) and haven't found anything. Does anyone know if these exist?

3: How's everyone doing? I think we all must be busy - this board is so dead. Spring thing?



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Yes, I'd like to try would be nice to have them all, although I haven't sold much of it.....locally or on the web.

I haven't seen baby products, but also, haven't looked for them, so I can't really say.

Does anyone know if/where you can get the anitbacterial hand sanatizer (a lot of ladies like to carry in their purse) that you just rub on your hands in place of/after washing?
I don't want soap, the stuff that just "evaporates" to sanatize your hands. Hope that makes sense. None of my regular suppliers has it, & I didn't know if it was available to the "general" public......
Any help is appreciated!

Well, this past week has been MAJOR busy for me-got 2 wholesale orders off the web site, plus 2 retail orders. In addition to that we FINALLY repainted/walpapered/re carpeted the computer room. Only 10' x 10' room, but, the JUNK in there.........took about 2 days to get it all out, & so far only the computer & pie safe are back in......the rest is spread ALL over the house. I'm going thru & chucking/giving away bunches of stuff before it goes back in there. (and i HAVE to get it done ASAP-next sunday [not MD] i'm having friends over for my annual b-day celebration)

Well, off to get stuff done.......


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Sorry I've been so busy I didn't let you know I got the booklets you sent. you did a WONDERFUL job on them!
I keep getting requests from the web site for my brochure, but all i have is a little flyer I do for the craft shows.

Bonus points to you! I don't know if I would have the patience to sit down at the computer & do something like that!

I'll get a couple sent off to the family asap. Thanks, again! Hazel

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Thanks - I'll get a bar of soap off to you in a few days. I have been swamped also. Mother's day is killing me. I think I've averaged about 3 hours of sleep a day. I promised Mother's day orders by Wednesday evening to my customers though. So whatever it takes.

I also started selling in the local "craft mall". It's a country sampler that is nation wide. A little pricey on the monthly rent, but we'll see how it goes.

I don't know how much business you want to do Hazel, but what I started doing was having "book parties" from my booklets. I give a few books out to whoever wanted to have the party. They get orders from friends and family and then I go to their house to close the sale. The host/ess get's 10% of total sales, $5 for every person who closes a book party from a referral from their party, and then an additional $20 for evey $250 in sales (all in store credit). Everything is delivered to host/ess house within 7-10 days for s/he to distribute.

Hand sanitizer is basically aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. You mix them together until the gel is thinned out and then scent it. I'm not sure what the ratio is. You can buy the base at or USA CHEMICALS. It's averaged priced - around $13/gal. Take caution regarding though. I have heard several bad bad things about them. There is a site where you can read negetive info about them, but I'll have to e-mail it to you if you want it. THS will not let me post any mention of this site though. They keep throwing my submits back. Somthing to do with spamming.

Also - i read once that to carry the sanitizer requires a different form of liscensing because it is "antibacterial". That may be why a lot of suppliers don't carry it. Just a guess.


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As a follow up: USA Chem is closed for some reason temporarily. You can get the base here: EsScents. I'm not sure the cost or quantity requirements. You'll have to check.

Or Here: Hand Sanitizer Base.

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I haven't decided if I want to add anything else to the line.......but have had a few requests for it....If fact, in my wholesale line I offer a clear hand lotion (just regular, not AB) & I'm debating keeping it. I sell a lot more of the lotion, foaming milk bath & shower gel than I do clear lotion.

I was going to do a body parfait with the clear & regular lotions, but in testing it wasn't well received, so I'm NOT going there....I had already bought the jars, lids & opaque "lid liners" from MMS, but I think I'm going to put them up on ebay, along with some bottles I got (accidently) from WSS. I didn't read the desc. clearly & got PVC, NOT PETE bottles......
(I KNOW better than order whn I'm NOT awake!)

I am determined to clear all this EXCESS STUFF outta here!

I will probably wait & see if I get enough requests to make the AB gel worth it......

The book party idea is pretty good. Do you give your Hostess's a few samples to show around, or is it strictly cold ordering out of the book?


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Forgot to mention that. Yes, I do give them samples. For some things. I have a little "tester package" that I hand out. Anyone who has a book party has already bought from me and can vouch for the items they've received. Plus I had an "open house" where I had samples of every scent out, samples of lotions, bars of soap at all the sinks, specialty soaps and detailed soap descriptions. I had soap made from all the mold designs that I offer, and tiny bath bombs that they could plop into a bowl of water. Everyone got a free sample size gift, and got to enter a door prize drawing. Each person through the door got $2 off any order and an additional dollar for every friend they brought. I had a fantastic turn out and it's what really boosted my sales. I've been non-stop busy since.

I sell more shower gel than soap, but have a few customers who love the soap. Lotion is a great seller. Bubble bath does okay.

If you don't mind, what's the MMS number so I can look at the style of jar. I may be able to help you clear out some of your stuff!


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They are the oval 4 oz PET jars, white dome lids & sealing disks.
Numbers are:100-7160 (4 oz jars 58mm), 103-1211 (sealing disk 58mm), & 102-5311 (white dome lid 58mm).
I have 29 of each piece. if you're interested email me.


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Just checked your web site--it looks GREAT! I did sign the guest book, but don't know if it "took". I refreshed the page, but didn't see "me".
Got your email & will answer asap......this was just a quick pop in......


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Your comments on the guest book took. You should see them there now. Not sure why you didn't before. I'm glad that you think the page looks good. Thank you. I was so frustrated. I learned a lot while doing it and am learning more everyday. I need to work on a better ordering system, but that cost $$ that I don't have. I'm hoping that I'll figure it out on my own. I got this far without help, so who knows.E-mail me when you have time about the jars.


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