RECIPE: Diabetic Flaxseed Cookies

moncurladyMarch 20, 2006

Does anyone have a recipe for the above. Haven't found much on the web that doesn't call for tons of sugar & fat, which i have to avoid. I use Splenda in my baking, so i can use that in lieu of sugar.

Many thanks for any recipes offered.

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Why don't you just add freshly-milled flaxmeal (up to 1/2 c.) to your favorite cookie recipe (you may want to reduce the flour a little, but it's not always necessary). I add flaxmeal to EVERYTHING I bake - no special recipes necessary. In some instances, you can also reduce the fat because flax will help replace it.

I'd also suggest trying Agave Nectar instead of Splenda, for baking. Agave Nectar is a low-glycemic, honey-like, natural sweetener that works like sugar in baking. It ferments when used in yeast breads - unlike Splenda, and browns - unlike Splenda (or other chemical sweeteners). For every cup of sugar called for, you only need 1/2-3/4 c. of agave nectar.

Check out the book, "The Flax Cookbook" by Elaine Magee, P.P.H., R.D. I think you will find several cookie recipes that will meet your needs. Check your local library for this book, and if they don't have it, ask them to get it through inter-library loan.


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Many thanks for your input, Grainlady...i will check out the Flax Cookbook.

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