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cleanfreak29July 19, 2014

I live in a very small studio condo. The bed is in a loft and behind the head of the bed is a large, 40" high by 68" wide cubby hole used for extra storage. I'm trying to think of designs to build a headboard to cover the hole; the headboard would also need to act as a door to grant access into the storage space.

My BF was thinking two plain wooden doors with large hinges.. but I don't want it to look like an old barn door. I much prefer the idea of a tufted headboard but am a little worried about it looking strange with a separation down the middle (where the doors would meet).

What are your favorite headboard styles? Anyone have a unique idea that would help me out?

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Does it have to be divided? How about a tufted headboard that can just be lifted and set aside for the occassional times you need to access the space behind?

Can you post a picture?

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This looks interesting


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I agree with PhoneLady. Why not have your headboard held against the wall by the weight of your bed without actually attaching it to the bed. Then, you could pull the bed out slightly and push the headboard aside to access the cubby. I use a standard metal frame for my mattress with an unattached headboard with no problem.

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Do a search for "french cleats". You can make them or buy them readymade. Just lift your tufted headboard on and off, easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: French Cleats How to make

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I love that link, phonelady. At first I was thinking it would have to be divided, but since we don't use that cubby space often, it probably could stay as one large piece to be lifted off when necessary. I'm going to try to build something this weekend. I will post the results!

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Good luck!!!!

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