LOOKING for: yeast and dairy free diets/foods

eglantineMarch 13, 2007


i was just diagnosed with yeast and dairy allergy.

i read so much about what i can NOT eat and am very confused about what i CAN eat!

i am desperate to find a site which helps me to find a yeast&dairy free diet so shopping and eating is made less complicated.

all help much appreciated.

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You don't say what part of dairy you are having a problem with? If it's lactose intolerance, then it's a different "beast" than an allergy to milk. If it is lactose intolerance, then you can actually still consume dairy using a Lactaid supplement to aid the digestion of the milk. Choose high fat sources, such as butter or cream, because they naturally have less lactose in them to begin with. Use ghee, instead of butter, since it is the fat only from butter and the milk solids have been removed. If it's an alergy to milk, you can use nut milks as a dairy substitute. A good book on the subject is, "Not Milk...NUT MILKS!" by Candia Lea Cole. It's easy to make your own at home. Almond milk is a fairly good source for calcium and tastes good. You can get good almonds at a good price from Sam's Club. Coconut oil is a fairly good substitute for butter as a spread on bread. I'd suggest a brand that doesn't have the coconut flavor, such as LouAna brand (I can get it at Wal-Mart in the same area as Crisco).

If you start looking at vegan cookbooks and vegan web sites, you will find a lot of useful information about avoiding dairy products.

As far as yeast... do you have Candida or thrush? Yeast is not just one thing and you haven't been specific enough. For instance, people who avoid baker's yeast (the kind you use to make bread), often use sourdough (or natural yeast). You'd probably have to start making your own breads, because even most "sourdough" breads made commercially will also include baker's yeast. They are two different types of yeast. Naturally-occuring yeast is on everything, and it's impossible to avoid "yeast".

Tortillas will work very well to make sandwich wraps, instead of using yeasted bread. There are other yeast-free flat breads that will substitute well.

Good luck. Keep a book of menus and a nice long list of foods you CAN eat. You'll be surprised how much there is out there. Our son had to avoid dairy, and we never felt deprived.


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coconut milk also makes an excellent milk substitute in recipes (there is a "lite" version with less fat)

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