Completely lined jacket sleeve trick needed

nancedarOctober 29, 2007

I'm making a fully lined evening jacket and I seem to recall some trick to sew the wrist end of the sleeves together rather than hand sewing after the edges of the jacket are sewn around and turned right side out. I know you can't sew them and the jacket edges too because you wouldn't be able to turn the jacket to the right side out. For the life of me I can't pull up this trick out of my too full brain, so I need help.

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I think you leave an opening in one lining side seam and turn through that, then hand sew the opening closed.


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You have to make sure that the sleeve is the right length before you use this method. First sew the sleeve side seams and the lining seam. Then just put wrong sides together at the base of the sleeve and lining and stitch around the bottom. When you turn it right side out you put the lining and sleeve tops together. Since the sleeve is longer than the lining it just pulls up inside to make the folded sleeve. Now put in the sleeve and lining together as if you were sewing in the sleeve along. If I make a pattern for the second time, I always use this method because I already know exactly what the sleeve length should be. Good luck. Carol

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Thanks Donna and Carol. I did leave an opening in the lining side seam, and made sure that the sleeve length would be correct, thanks for the reminders. This pattern didn't have lining pieces - all are the same, like fully reversible, like making two jackets. I sewed around the outside edges of the jacket, turned and pressed. I put my arm in one sleeve set, turned the end inside as it will be finished and put one pin in there on the wrong sides where the sewn sleeve seams meet. I turned the sleeve set out through the side seam opening, away from each other so they look like they are holding hands. Now I could pin the rest of the sleeve ends and sew the seam. Had to scrunch the rest of the fabric away so I wouldn't sew it into the seam as there is little space to work there. With the seam sewn I pulled the sleeves back through the opening and into each other. Yeah! Finished sleeve ends! I did tack at the top and bottom of the sleeve seam so the lining wouldn't creep. I am so happy, thanks.

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This is another way so there is minimal hand finishing. Make two identical jackets/dressing gown in my case. Put right sides together and sew around the entire outside edge (sleeves inside doing nothing) leaving open about 25cm/10inches on the bottom edge (depends upon volume to turn). Turn to right side (press if you like)and put sleeves lining inside outer as if ready to wear. Fold up the hem allowance on the sleeve cuff on both the lining and the outer and pin in place with one pin (for future reference). Reach up inside the opening you left at the bottom of the jacket and bring the sleeves out. Using your pinned up hem as a guide, pin cuff edges together right sides together and sew. Push them back through the hole to the inside of the jacket and then back out into place. Sew up the bottom opening with slip stich and edge stitch as required. I've used this many times for fully lined dressing gowns for the children. From Fiona in Australia

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My jacket was fully lined. The arm had one seam. After sewing the lining to the sleeve, I then sewed the sleeve to the jacket.
Below is a portion of the sewing instructions.

The white fabric is the underlined fashion fabric. The light blue fabric is the lining.

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all you mentioned is wrong, I have been learning on just this part of the jacket for a year. and i have found tricks.Im sure nobody know it.

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In most ready-to-wear jackets, the opening to turn the jacket right side out is the sleeve lining seam in the left arm. Once the jacket is turned right side out, the opening is machine stitched closed. The side seam may be easier to wrangle, though.

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