??? regarding pregnancy and soapmaking

elle110May 22, 2004

Hello Everyone,

Had a great show this weekend (would have been even better if it weren't for the rain), getting revved up for summer.

I just found out I am pregnant and know about staying away from obvious items such as lye (hubby is gonna have fun making soap) and some Essential Oils

But what about FO (since it is a chemical) and other ingredients. Has anyone been pregnant while making soap? I have a full blown business going and am trying to make sure that everything can still be made etc.



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Until you get a definite answer, what about one of those masks you can get at Lowes, Home depot etc that you use when staining, sanding etc, not hte little paper ones the other kind?
And rubber gloves so you don't get anything on the skin?

Just guessing at this.....


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As far as I am aware of, there are no established guidelines regarding the use of fragrance oils during pregnacy, and offhand I can't think of any essential oils that should be avoided (I can only think of a lot that are commonly used in pregancy). The only thing I have seen warning posted about is the use of bath salts (especially epsom salts) while pregnant as they raise your blood pressure. I think if you use reasonable precautions, you should have nothing to worry about. As for the lye, I make melt and pour soap, so I don't know much about the other processes. Why should you not use the lye? I mean, everytime someone makes a batch of soap with lye, they run the risk of getting it on themselves. Surely if the fumes are harmful, no one would be making soap in their kitchen? I am just curious, as skin contact is the only precaution I am aware of when it comes to lye.

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Sorry it took so long to get back.

There are several essential oil which pregnant women should avoid during pregnany, such as, peppermint, which is a stimulant and used to get labor going. Eucalyptus and Rosemary are also recommended to not use during pregancy. Lavender is used to relax and calm and is used during labor sometimes to calm.

Lye, as we all know, is caustic and should not be inhaled even if you are not pregnant. It is a chemical so it should be used very carefully pregnant or not. I am opting to not use during pregnancy, my DH gets to make the CP soap right not :)

Regarding FO, they are synthetic chemicals as well and there is not much out there on guidelines on use during pregnancy, I am trying to touch it as little as possible, wearing latex gloves etc. There is so much out there today that can already be harmful during pregnancy that I don't want to add anything else which may harm the developing fetus.

Another EO pregnant women should avoid is Pennyroyal (for that matter most women should avoid it) it can actually change your menstrual cycle etc.

I am going to read up some more on EO etc during pregancy if I find anything interesting I will post.


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Elle~ I don't have any answers to your questions but I just wanted to say congratulations & best wishes on your pregnancy!

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