Fresh herbs okay?

sowngrowApril 6, 2003


I haven't posted here in quite awhile, but I was wondering if someone could tell me if using fresh mint in my melt and pour soap is advisable or should I dry the mint first? Thank you.


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I do cp, but all I've ever used is dry. I think there might be a chance of spoilage if something with any moisture content got used. I could be wrong though...;-)

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That makes sense Debi. Thanks for the reply.

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It is best to use a good dry herb because even in soap fresh herbs can mold or mildew and it would be a shame to ruin all the work of doing a batch of soap. I only do CP and goats Milk Rebatch but all I use are dried herbs.

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It is my understanding (and I may be wrong) that even dried herbs eventually turn brown and yucky and may spoil, because they absorb moisture. The soap will not have a long shelf life. As I said, I may be wrong.

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I've used dried rose petals & dried lavender in soap. Both turned brown, & discolored the soap. I don't know if they would have spoiled eventually-they looked so bad I threw them away.


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Thanks for all the feedback everybody.
I hadn't gotten around to trying dried herbs yet. I think I'll stick to using the essential oils instead of the "real thing."
Now that I think about it, dried herbs might look really strange once they begin to come loose while washing, mixed in with the lather!

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That was kinda my thinking about adding herbs and stuff to soap- I know they look nice but I really didn't want to use a bar of soap that had "stuff" coming off on me!

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Hi-I am a new member and have been lurking for several
months--too afraid to try a message - but when it comes to
soapmaking I have to jump in! You all have saved me alot of mistakes! I use the soap and give it as gifts. I was
considering adding fresh herbs to my soaps, but was afraid
of just what you have discussed. My problem is finding
excellent essential oils, etc. Any suggestions?
I look forward to more conversations with all of you!

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Hi Ernie2- I've only bought essential oils from one company and that is Mountain Rose Herbs: ( I found them online probably from the advice of a fellow soaper on this forum. There's a thread on here called Yet Another Link (YAL) with tons of great links!

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