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southernsurfergirlMarch 30, 2007

Hi, I'm a college student/baker and I am looking for a recipe for gluten-free French toast. My egg batter for dipping the toast is eggs, sugar, flour, and baking powder. My friend is a Celiac and can't eat it, but really wants to. Does baking powder have gluten in it? What can I use instead of flour, and what kind of breads are gluten-free?

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Most well-stocked health food stores (and some grocery stores with a "health food" section) will have a variety of gluten-free breads in the freezer/refrigerator section (and the breads must be kept frozen or refrigerated - they mold very quickly), such as Rice Bread. These will be easier to use than making a gluten-free bread, due to the unusual ingredients required.

If you make your own gluten-free breads, be careful not to cross contaminate non-gluten flours with flours containing gluten (such as using a scoop you keep in your wheat flour to scoop gluten-free flours, or mill gluten-free grains in a mill that has milled wheat, or other gluten-containing grains).

Check at your local public library for some books/cookbooks on Gluten-Free foods for more information and bread recipes (or do a Google search - you'll find all the gluten-free bread recipes you could ever want). Check the health food store for mixes and baking mix blends that can be used to make gluten-free breads.

Rumford Baking Powder is gluten free, as indicated on the container. Always check labels.....

I'm surprised your friend wasn't able to give you the information you needed. You really should consult them first. Some people who are gluten intolerant can't even use rice bread, so be sure to check with them before doing anything. My mother had celiac disease, and because of my experience making gluten-free foods, I've created gluten-free recipes for a local mill that mills white sorghum flour.

Your batter is different than any I've come across - would you mind sharing the entire recipe? My batter contains eggs/milk/vanilla/Penzeys Cake Spice (or cinnamon and/or nutmeg). My MIL used eggs/milk/salt & pepper.


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