RECIPE: Gluten/Wheat/Yeast/Sugar free recipe suggestions

susqtFebruary 15, 2006

I am newly married and my husband has food allergies. He is restricted from refined sugar, wheat & yeast. I would like to cook healthy, delicious foods for us but am from Minnesota and only know mid-western cooking. Any suggestions?

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You can go to and get recipes but they will have sugar, substitute honey or other. I do not use artifical sweetners myself. Or you can type in that specific restriction, like wheat sugar yeast free recipes in search window and get recipes. Go to and get some recipes. I am on a special diet for the colon, and cannot use grains, sugar, yeast. So I am on the Specified Carbohydrate Diet for it, and am doing fine. Type that in search window and get more info. Or go to Amazon. com and type in Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and read the reviews. Or type in Specified Carbohydrate Diet recipes in your search window and get recipes. Or email me, and I can help. I have lots of recipes and helps. I also am from Minn. 47 yr. know how they eat there. My siblings all live there still.

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Thanks, Darlene. Your email is very helpful. I will check out the websites you suggested and send you an email if I get derailed.

Many blessings to you!

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If you have a good health food store they can help along with the Health food section of your local market. If you have a 7th Adventist Church in your area, contact the Pastor and see if they have any cooking schools. The Adventist have a ton of information avaiable because many of the people choose not to eat wheat/sugar etc. Check any Asian markets for rice flour etc. has receipes avaiable also. I have several cookbooks from people that have these receipes and may be able to help you if you wish.

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