Okay, I've got this chunk of M&P Base....

Toni_KYApril 18, 2003

....and it's not 'scored' in those neat little squares! LOL

How do I figure out how much to use? If I want 4 oz. of base, how do I measure it? It is oddly-shaped, so I can't cut it in half, then half again, etc.

I thought about shredding it and then using a measuring cup. Would that work? Or is it too much trouble?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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you can either get a small scale & weight it as you cut off pieces, or else cut off a small chunk & them melt it in a glass measuring cup & see how much you are over or under.

That's why I just buy the pre scored stuff. The "Blocks" ARE cheaper, but in the long run, more time consuming.....

JMHO, Hazel

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I agree with Hazel - after using the 2lb blocks for a while you just automatically know how much to use. It's easier to cut and handle. At first I was using a 10lb block, but even that was hard. I got so frustrated trying to cut it all up and it took forever. It costs more in the beginning to use the small blocks, but it sure does save in the end.

I did purchase a nice digital scale. You can get inexpensive ones right in the grocery store - the kind they use for measuring food ounces - but they are not digital. That will help you out. If you continue to buy large blocks I would suggest spending the $40 or so dollars on a scale from your local office supply store. They are digital and will last longer than the inexpensive grocery ones. And they're no brainers to read!

Good luck!

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