Good, Simple CP Soap Recipe?

sameboatApril 29, 2011

Does anyone have a CP soap recipe for using a combination of coconut oil, olive oil, shortening and canola oil, or any combination of the four? I don't have any palm oil, beeswax, shea butter or castor oil. I finally found coconut oil but now I can't find a recipe that uses only these oils I have on hand. Anyone?

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Try using a free soap calculator on the web.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sage Mountain website

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That's a good calculator site - thank you!

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Thank you for the calculator url...great site!

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Hello! Im new to the forum, but i am an avid soapmaker, who uses mostly oils from the grocery store. . .I also have 'rendered' my own beef tallow (which makes a nice hard soap!) Please Note: I use a 25% water discount, so you may add about 4oz. additional water to the amounts below. . .

anyway, here are 2 recipes/formulas for you to try (3-lb batch-- divide or double as you need)

16 oz. Store-brand Shortening (Not all-veg.)
8 oz. all veg shortening
10 oz coconut oil
8 oz. All veg. oil (soybean)
6 oz castor oil (Walmart has 6 oz bottle in H&B)
- 2 OPTIONS Here:

13 oz WATER mixed with
6.5 oz LYE

2nd option:

6.5 oz. WATER mixed with 6.5 oz. LYE
ADD 6.5 oz coconut MILK to oils
and blend BEFORE adding Lye/water

This makes a decent *no frills* soap
--add scent before pouring.


NEXT Recipe:

No-Frills All Veg Soap

14oz Coconut
12 oz. Olive oil
8 oz soybean (vegetable oil)
6 oz Crisco (new w/palm)
4 oz Walmart all veg shortening
4 oz Castor oil
12.5 oz Total Liquid mixed with
6.5 oz LYE

As with any recipe/formula, it is best to run it thru a soap calculator-- I use soapcalc . net,

Hope this helps a little!

Here is a link that might be useful: soapcalculator

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OOPS!! I guess I didnt read your post too well-- LOL

I have often substituted Olive or Soybean for the Canola, (Soybean oil has better properties than the Canola) and have used shortening (with animal fat) in place of the castor. Although it does give you a better kind of bubble by using the castor oil (available in the pharmacy part of any store).
signed, Angel

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Oh wow - thank you! :) It's been a while since I've made any soap at all but I can't wait for the cooler weather to get here so I can start up again. I hate doing it when it's warm out. Thank you!

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Hi there. Don't know if you're still into making cold processed soap, but here's another good hint for collecting your own tallow. I collect all of my strained hamburger and sausage fats in a clean shortening container, and keep it refrigerated until it's full. Then, you can boil the fats with water in a 2 qt. pan really hard for about 30 minutes. Let it cool, then refrigerate it overnight. The fat will rise to the top of the pan, hardened. You have to scrape the top and bottom of the cake, and pat it dry with paper towels, but it makes a great soap base tallow. I use a SAP value of .139 - the same as pork tallow, and the hamburger fat is a little lighter than beef fat that is rendered from rinds. Use about 10% of the weight with coconut oil, and you will have a very nice soap base that gives great lather. I've done this for about 4 years, and my wife and family are spoiled rotten on my soap - they will not use anything else.

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