Finally got to be crafty today!

JoC__SCApril 30, 2003

After more than 4 weeks in this wheelchair, I finally got to be crafty today. My sister came up and we made gift bags for her PTA volunteers.

Green Tea scented ribbon soap, bath fizzies, bath salts, and rock crystal potpourri.

It was so much fun, not to mention a great change from watching TV.


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Good for you! What is ribbon soap? I am not familiar with it.

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What I know as ribbon soap is soap that has another soap inbedded. The inbedded soap is poured on a flat surface thinly - making it flexible, then sliced and curled this way and that to resemble a ribbon. Then it's embedded with several other pieces/colors into a loaf mold (usually) and sliced. Pretty neat. Takes patience. Is this what you guys did?

Did you take pictures Jo? I don't have the patience for that. Artsy soap is not for me. Plus I don't buy non bleeding colors.

Congrats on getting around a little bit.

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We just used a veggie peeler and sliced down the edge of white M&P and it curled itself. Put them in freezer. Melted clear M&P, added color & FO and poured half in loaf mold, added ribbons, then poured the rest over the top. It was really easy and looked very pretty when sliced. Sorry, forgot pics this time.
We made everything mint green and it looked so springy.

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