LOOKING for: Low-Carb Recipes

RosieBogoFebruary 25, 2002

Does anyone out there have any recipes for low-carb cooking? Soups and main meals etc. Thanks.

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Rosie, I suppose you mean 'lo white-carb' recipes, as broccoli and tomatoes are carbs! Eliminate white foods, like potatoes, breads and pastas and look for whole grain products. They are whole wheat (wheatberries), whole oats (groats) whole barley (not pearled), brown rice, or whole rye grain. Get whole wheat pastas and wild rice....seek out high fiber foods. Go for all veggies and fruits, and go light on fats (meats).Good luck. Salena

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Barbo's Diet Kitchen deals with all kinds of diets including low-carb. They are also great for support!

Lotsa Recipes!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: BARBO'S DIET KITCHEN

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We are living low carb and I have to disagree with Salena. We stay away from any starches even the whole wheat. Many fruits are high in carbs as well. The best things to be eating is eggs, cheese, meats and green veges. If you are doing it for a diet, train your mind to a new way of life. My dh has lost over 50 lbs since the beginning of the year, I have only lost 16 but am pregnant so I don't count:)
Good luck. Go to your local library and check out a low carb book. Though we don't aren't a supporter of Dr. Atkins, he does have a good recipe book out. You can also buy them off ebay. I have a few if you want to email me sometime. Good Luck.

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I have a compilation of my low-carb group's favorite recipes at: http://www.atkinsloser.homestead.com

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Thanks Filus for Barbo's site. This is a great site.

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try these:



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